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Paris Review

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 19, 2006 8:09 pm    Post subject: Paris Review Reply with quote

Hi Everyone

Here is a link to a review about Paris. We need a translator.


Hwyl Fawr


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PostPosted: Fri Oct 20, 2006 5:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

My very rusty A-level French isn't good enough to give a complete and exact translation and I am sure someone will be able to make a better attempt, but here is the gist of what it says:

It talks about the concert series having been 'talked up' and it having been decided in advance that this series is of great importance so it is was truely enlightening to find an authentic, exeptional singer. he goes on to say that Bryn is not a new discovery that he has been a triumph on satges of the world for 15 years with rare appearances in Paris in Don Giovanni and Les Contes d'Hoffman at the Bastille and nothing since for five years.

He then says that 'this enormous Welshman(!) is certainly one of the race of 'sacred giants' of artists despite his absolute simplicity. That at 40 years old he is already established in the more dramatic roles as well as those such as Figaro and Falstaff. He likens the programme for this concert to a 'vast panorama of limitless repetoire' from grand Wagner to American musical comedy.

He then goes on to try to convey what he heard at the Salle Pleyel and says that to do so he must resort to superlatives, which is not easy if he wants you to beleive him! He says for those who remember the brilliant years 1960-1980, you can say simply that Terfel, with his own strong personality is of the likes of Hans Hotter and George London, with a humour and comic talent that these illustrious predecessors did not posses.

He reckons Bryn would be an ideal partner for Varnay, Nielsson, Rysanek, Schwartzkopf, Callas and other 'divinities' of the era. He belongs in this realm without doubt. He says that those who are too young or who had the bad luck to not have ever heard these authentic superstars would use a concert like this as a real measuring stick for judgement.

Now he praises Bryns singing saying basically that-
Terfel has it all. the voice is immense when it must be, tiny when necessary all over his tessitura with an absolute mastery of all the nuances of colour and dynamics. The tone is rich, nusical and homogenous. But all of this is not at expense of the words, the text and the expression of the musdic is with intensity and impact.

He says that it is the whole man who enters into the character, in the words the musical text, just like his illustrious elders knew how to do. The face, a look, a gesture of hand or arm completes what the voice is saying to us. It is brilliant whether it is a question of The hollader monologue or Falstaffs ironic notion of honour or again as the comic verve of Leporello and his catalogue.

He tells us that when he sang the seranade from Don Giovanni it was down in the hall, rose in hand going from one lady to another, clasping the hand of the 'Minstre de l'interieur' on the front row and ending the seranade on his kness in front of a little girl who treasured the flower he gave her.

He asks if this might be considered a bit 'hammy'? Possibly, but he had to sing this rhythmically difficult aria without seeing the conductor. He then launched, in perfect French, into Escamillos aria from Carmen. He lead the public in singing the chorus in its place. He says that this kind of thing may not be great unless it is done with a 'magestirial manner'.

He then tells us that what was really exceptional was that when he started on the music of rodgers and Leigh it was as a true Broadway singer, in a style more than adequate and with a voice that wasn't taht of Hans Sachs or The Hollander. He ends by says what can be said but to reiterate the regrets that we hear and see him so little near us.

the fginal bit just mentions the conductor and the orchestra and he concludes by saying that it was a 'triumphal evening for a great voice.'

I guess he liked him then!!

Helen F
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 21, 2006 12:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks you, Helen, for the wonderful translation! Oh, how I wish I could have been at the concert.

Here's another review:


Even though I can't read every word, I can tell it's another rave review.

Bravo, Bryn!!!!

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Joined: 28 Oct 2004
Posts: 109
Location: Essex

PostPosted: Sat Oct 21, 2006 8:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yes, it is indeed another rave review, calling Bryn one of the greatest singers of our time.
I think the French have just woken up to what we have all known for some time!

Helen F xx
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